Monday, 30 March 2020

old news

So. I got my PIP award. Actually, I got notification the day of my last infusion over two weeks ago. But the world has since gone to hell in a handcart and it just seemed too trite and small to bother writing about.

I got the same award as previously, but this time it's for 10 years. The guy from the Citizens Advice Bureau (who helped me to fill out my form) contacted me to see if I wanted to appeal - when we met he thought that I was entitled to the enhanced rate for both Everyday Living as well as Mobility.

I decided that I didn't want to risk losing the whole thing. Plus I knew by then that some serious shit was in the pipe as far as Coronavirus was concerned. For my own self care I figured that I'd have enough to fight without adding anything extra.

So the whole PIP thing seems like a problem from a more innocent time.

Last week was our first with Little Ms D since UK schools were closed. And although self-isolation is almost second nature to me (as it is for most people living with disabilities / chronic illnesses), it hasn't been without its difficulties.

And that's only bearing in mind logistics of child care, education and getting food (i.e. up until last Saturday, we couldn't). It's also been psychologically tricky to navigate. We're all in the same house, all of the time.

But I guess it's the same all over. And we have friends and family who're all struggling, and - strangely - this makes us all feel better.

However, this virus is bloody scary. Coupled with the fact that the government guidelines continue to change on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Also, nobody knows how Covid-19 interacts (or doesn't) with MS medication - things seem to point towards Tysabri being one of the least dangerous options (which is not to say that it's not without risks!) And I did get a call from the MS Nurses recently to double-check that I was coning for my next infusion. So time will tell.

But no matter. We have a new messiah.

Joe Wicks was someone that I'd only heard of in passing but now his P.E. With Joe daily workout is an essential part of our weekdays. Cometh the hour and all that.

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