Wednesday, 1 July 2009

keeping cool

Sitting in the theatre where I work as I write this draft on my lovely iPod. It was my birthday the other week and I figured I deserved a treat!

The theatre's the coolest space in the building at the moment, as the rest of the building is hotter than the sun. Which isn't exactly doing wonders for my concentration but never mind.

My employer has suggested that we look at government schemes which are available to make working easier for disabled people.

So, I had a totally fruitless chat with someone from Access to Work the other day. Basically he said there wasn't any point in them sending someone out to asses me when i'm feeling fine. I explained (as I had in my initial application) that my condition was Relapsing & Remitting and that I wanted someone to come and look at what could be set up for me for when I'm not so good.

To cut a long story short, they can only help when I'm feeling shit. Ironically, at times when work will be the last thing on my mind (and when in all probability I'll have been signed off by my doctor), they can pay for taxis to get me into work.

About 10 working days after I've reported another attack.

One of my colleagues (ironically a very spiritual man) suggested I should pretend to limp around the building. That sort of thing just brings about bad karma, so I think I'll pass!

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