Thursday 11 June 2009

back to work

Well, that extra week off work has finished now, so I'm typing this in my lunch break on my second full day back at the grindstone.

(to let you into a secret, I actually came into the office for a couple of hours on Monday and did a bit of work from home on Tuesday - don't tell my GP)

Anyway, things seem to be OK, although I had a severe case of 'heavy-leg' yesterday afternoon - I put this down to the fact that I haven't done a whole lot of walking recently, but it was a bit of a bummer nonetheless.

My experiences over the last month or so have only reinforced the fact that I don't want to muck about putting crap chemicals into my body unless absolutely necessary. The course of steroids was great (near miraculous!) but the whole business with the Amantadine was just a real, unnecessary pain in the arse.

So for now I'll "keep on keepin' on" as Curtis Mayfield said.

And anyway, Amantadine is a drug that was designed for people with Parkinson's. So many of the treatments for MS are ones 'borrowed' from other diseases with similar pathways. I pray for the day when it's announced that this condition can be cured by a glass of Lucozade and two Paracetamol.

Until that day, it's regular rest, healthy-eating, responsible alcohol-intake and Yoga.

My God, if I met someone like me at a party, I would hate myself.

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