Thursday, 16 January 2014

the art of peer pressure

You'll be pleased to know that I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions – so I can’t make one of them "blog more regularly"...

Anyhoo, how've you been? Good I hope. Here's the headlines:

Christmas (remember that??) was great – we've finally got our head's round managing the time we spend with our (lovely) families at Christmas – they just want to see Evie but we need to keep her in a bit of a routine for our own sanity. I think we got it right this year, and had some lovely days out just the three of us.

The image above is from one of my favourite days, when we had a lovely walk around nearby Kedleston Hall (20mins drive away from us).

[section removed]

Now a little confession - for one reason or another, I've been neglecting to make the walk into work recently. We're still going for walks as a family at the weekend but long-time visitors may remember what a big deal I made about this seemingly simple aspect of my day last year.

I'm determined to get back onto it ( however it is difficult to get motivated when you've had a disturbed and stressful night's sleep) so this another one of those things where I publish a blog in the hope that it will kick me up the arse and get me to stop making excuses.

I will walk into work before the end of this week - it's strange how terrifying it is for me to type it!

But on the day after a study finds short bouts of moderately intense activity can have a big impact on tiredness levels of people with MS (which let's face it, we all know anyway), what have I got to lose?

On top of the short burst of "Yogo" I do with Evie in the morning (she's surprisingly persuasive), I'll be Supersonic by year-end.

(But still, NOT a resolution).


Ms. CrankyPants said...

I don't want to peer pressure you, but could you reconsider your plan to move? Your tales of the neighbors are really entertaining, and I'd like you to think of your audience JUST ONCE before rushing off and making such a self-serving decision.

No, really, it sounds like the best plan. What asswipes they are.

Good luck on your walk - tomorrow?? Today, I'll restart my slow shuffles up and down the stairs at work (my version of an exercise routine) in a show of solidarity.

stevedomino said...

thanks - especially for the inclusion of the word "ASSWIPES" - as an aside, they are also "COCK-KNOCKERS" and "FUCK-KNUCKLES".

yeah, it's looking like a walking day tomorrow - i'm already doing the slow-stair-shuffle (with an occasional 'trip' added on).

no-one told me this century was going to be so damned glamorous!

(not counting Fergie, obviously...)

swisslet said...

How depressingly awful for you and what utter bell-ends they are. I feel your pain, brother. The house adjoined to ours is leased, and for some reason, every family that leases it has a newborn. Actually, whenever I'm woken by a screaming baby, my first thought is for the parents... but still. We also have some new students in the street who think it's great fun to roll back on a Monday night at 3am and shout at each other in the street. Ugh. People.
Moving sounds drastic, but fuck it and fuck them, you should do it for the sake of your child and your own sanity. It's not a battle that anyone really wins.
Anyway. Happy new year to you.
Exercise is good for you? Who knew?!

stevedomino said...

who knew exercise was good for you? erm, i think YOU did, sporty spice!

swisslet said...

I saw a sports injury specialist last year (boring mechanical knock-on from ms causing a dropped foot etc. etc. blah blah....) and within 5 minutes he had clocked that exercise is more than just physically important for me. Damnit. Is it that obvious?
Also, Sporty spice?
I like it!