Friday, 20 December 2013

final countdown

You find me on my last working day of the year. As you can tell, there are many pressing issues which need to be dealt with, so I'll keep this brief.

For instance, as soon as I've finished writing this, my desk will be getting a damn good cleaning.

Before I get started, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has read this blog this year, especially if you left comments. It is so cool to know that I'm not just talking to myself!

So what's been going on?

I've realised that posts have been so sporadic on here that I haven't shared the final findings of my adventures in Urology. A couple of months back I was signed off so it's now all down to me – but before then, I switched from Oxybutynin to Solifenacin Succinate (which is apparently pronounced "Sol-if-en-ass-in suck-sin-ate", which really appealed to my childish sense of humour).

According to my nurse SS is a more sophisticated drug than Oxybutynin – it's designed to only affect the bladder, as opposed to REMOVING ALL MOISTURE FROM YOUR ENTIRE BODY.

I seem to be getting on with it really well so if anyone is going down the urologist/bladder retraining route, ASK FOR IT BY NAME TODAY. And now you know how to say it too. You're very welcome.

Recently we all had a dose of the old Norovirus – which was just SMASHING.  I had this before and wrote about it but it was exactly the same deal as previously – so, forewarned, it was easier for me to deal with this time.

Same as before, I found that my MS symptoms were ramped up to Relapse level – which is terrifying when you don't know what's happening.

In one particularly glamorous moment, I knew that I was about to be sick – but as my legs were being completely uncooperative, the only way for me to get there was to:
  • Shuffle off bed
  • Stand/wobble
  • Calculate distance to bowl as being in the same ball park as my own height
  • Fall over
  • Place head in the bowl
  • Vomit
Quite a sight for my wife to walk in on, I think you'll agree.

This particularly nasty little virus has gone through (as it were) me, Mrs D, my daughter, my parents, my brother, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

This was all over a week ago – my appetite is only just returning to normal, and I've lost a frankly shocking amount of weight. As this is something I've talked about before, I'm genuinely looking forward to getting properly stuck in over the Christmas break.

God help anyone who gets in the way of that last sausage roll.


In other news, my latest post on is A ChristMS Carol – the language is cleaner, the message is more optimistic, but it's still me, I promise!

However you mark this time of year, I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year.


  1. Re: that picture (HA!): Good LORD, do people in the UK really stand/crouch on toilet seats to go? I've never seen such a warning here. How does one prevent falling backward?

    Sorry to hear you've been sick but glad you are on the mend. Are you sure a SAUSAGE ROLL is wise at this fragile stage in your recovery?

    p.s. You knew I'd be equally amused by the childish pronunciation of that drug, didn't you? I'm so predictable...

  2. MAY I ADD...please be more considerate of your readers in future posts. I've had that damn "FINAL COUNTDOWN" song by Europe (?) in my head for hours. My GOD.

  3. The picture was an image which I found on a BBC news story about a British University. The story is almost too depressing to relate:

    I admit I did think of you when I found that pronunciation. Also with the blog title. It's a niche audience I'm playing to, admittedly.

  4. Thanks for clarifying. My mind still can't (or WON'T) quite grasp the STANDING on the seat business. I mean, I get it, but now I'm thinking not only about tipping backward and creating an embarrassing SCENE, but also of feet slipping out from under you and into a morass of...well, I'll stop there, it being the holidays and all.

    Oddly pleased to know I spring to mind with anything involving an ASS, POO, or a crap 80s song.