Wednesday 13 June 2018

writing in other places

I've been doing a bit more writing on recently. Here are links to some recent posts.

The Visible Man
Obviously this was prompted by the realisation that I no longer have an invisible disability, mostly due to an increasing acceptance of the role that the wheelchair has in my life.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's just another tool to help me live my life.

Still hate the thing, obviously.

The UK National Health Service
When we were in Philadelphia, I was amazed by the questions that people asked me about the NHS. I guess it's only to be expected when the moron in charge tweets such thick-headed things as this:

So I thought I'd put them straight. And writing that article made me immensely proud!

(It was also pretty eye-opening to talk to one single parent at HUconnexion18 who said that she frequently had to make a decision about whether to pay for her MS meds or feed her children)


One reason for this place-holder post (as opposed to the usual high-quality, well-informed guff I normally put out) is because I'm working on a big post about my experiences of the PIP application process.

Not in any way because I'm some sort of expert (two applications submitted, two applications turned down is quite the strike rate). But it could be helpful to anyone going through it now.

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