Monday, 31 December 2018

shame of our nation

Speaking to an MS Nurse at my Tysabri infusion she surprised me when she said she'd had some good news that day. Because she had just found out that her application had been successful and she would be allowed to stay in the UK.

Call me naive but this totally blew my mind. That there was even a possibility that this qualified and endlessly experienced and empathetic nursing professional might be forced to leave the country she and her family call home.

Who's next? The MS Specialist Neurologists, who are all EU citizens? Who exactly is lining up to replace them? 

At the same time, a friend shared a video from the Home Office Facebook page publicising the EU Settlement Scheme. Over some jolly muzak, a series of diverse and smiling family and social groups, presumably talking about how much they're relishing the opportunity of applying to live in the communities they have enriched.

See how happy they are!

caption: If you are an EU citizen living in the UK, and want to stay in the UK after the 31 December 2020...

To say we should be ashamed of what our nation has become is something of an understatement.

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