Thursday, 1 December 2022

2022 earworm advent calendar - day 1

For reasons best known to myself (forcing myself to write something, anything), I've decided to do another earworm advent calendar this year. 

The rules

Every morning I'll open up a door in my advent calendar (wake up) and look at the picture (make a note of the song that is playing in my head.) 

This one's fairly obvious.

There've been a number of rock deaths this year but not really of the sort of deaths that send me sobbing to my bed (David's Bowie and Berman, I'm looking at you.)

Case in point: when I heard about Wilko Johnson's death, it was definitely more of a "aww, that's a shame" kind of thing. Sad, obviously, but I'm sure even he'd agree that his last years were nothing short of miraculous. 

After being diagosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2012, he went on a farewell tour and released what was assumed to be his final album. Two years later, an operation to remove a 3kg tumour left him cancer-free, buying him an extra ten years. Crazy. 

I don't own any Dr. Feelgood albums but their amphetamine-fuelled take on early tock and R&B was clearly a huge part of what would become Punk. Part of the what was called the British 'pub rock' scene (patronising, much?), theirs was a kind-of back-to-basics reaction to the prog rock excesses of the mid-70s. 

There were many tributes to Wilko after his recent death, but this video shared by Steve Albini on Twitter was my favourite. 

This is down to the fact that Wilko is playing lead and rhythm guitar at the same time. And he's getting such a precise percussive sound playing just with his fingers. 

Also the fact that lead singer Lee Brilleaux is so obviously "chemically stimulated" that he appears to be - to paraphrase Steve Albini's tweet - chewing his teeth to dust.

Happy Christmas, one and all!

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